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Exclusive to Table Candy: Agate Chargers

Katy Roberts
Agate Gold Gilded Charger.jpg
Agate Style 2.jpg
Agate Style 3.jpg

I am excited to unveil a unique collection of real Agate stone chargers available for your next special event! Mined in Brazil, these truly unique and unexpected pieces will surely WOW your guests!

Each charger is unique in shape and size (sampling above) though all are a minimum of 11" at their widest point to accommodate dishes and are in the grey crystal shade with lavender and pale blue accents. Etsy artist Sydney Omar elevated the look with gold paint along the edges that just peeks over the top.

We carry 20 count and would love to see them in action on your table whether for place settings or centerpiece bases. Special care are required for these beauties. I will personally deliver, set-up, and pack them up at the end of your event. 

Let's Sweeten Your Table! I look forward to hearing from you!